Aditya Jitta

ML guy in Finland

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Currently, interested in ML profiling and optimizations

On Controlling the Size of Clusters in Probabilistic Clustering
Aditya J, Arto K
AAAI, 2018  

Controling the size of the clusters with the priors.Using constrained optimization.

Partially hidden Markov models for privacy-preserving modeling of indoor trajectories
Aditya J, Arto K
Neurocomputing, 2017  

Infinite Hidden Markov model for indoor trajectories

Few-to-few cross-domain object matching
Aditya J, Arto K
AMBN, 2017  

Cross domain object matching where the number of objects to match are constrained

Probabilistic Size-constrained Microclustering.
Arto K, Aditya J
UAI, 2016  

A size-constrained clustering where the cluster size remains small as the data increases.

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